The Glory Of Uzbek Bread

It is impossible to imagine the daily diet of the Uzbek people without one gastronomic miracle – tandoor bread “Issik Non”. This is a national bread that has unique taste and nutritious qualities. Everyone who at least once tasted an Uzbek hot bread will forever remain in love with its crispy crust, fragrant flesh and sesame seeds, which enhance the taste due to its pleasant aroma. 

The Uzbek people deeply respect bread. Indeed, any meal or feast begins with a bread distribution ritual. Bread is always broken by the eldest in the family, and then is distributed to the assembled. It is forbidden to cut Uzbek bread with a knife. Also, putting bread face down is considered disrespectful. 

The production of traditional Uzbek bread is based on centuries-old sophisticated multiphase technologies. Unlike regular European breads, the national Uzbek flat bread recipe often includes such original ingredients as meat broth, onions and lamb meat, so the bread has a distinct unique taste and aroma. The surface of the bread is often trimmed with sesame seeds. Uzbek bread has a characteristic shape for each type, and its surface is decorated with a special pattern.

Most types of Uzbek bread are baked in tandoor. Tandoor is a large clay oven that quickly heats up and then cools very slowly. Tandoor baking is one of the keys to achieving the unique qualities of bread. Baking bread in the oven takes only 4-8 minutes. Sometimes in the process of baking bread falls off the wall down into ashes. Such bread is considered sacred. There is a belief that at this moment St. Hyzr enters the house, and the bread “bows” to him.

The most common types of bread in Uzbekistan are Obi-Non and Patir, the dough for which is also prepared using old technology. The secret of Obi-Non dough lies in finely chopped onion and strong meat broth mixed with sour milk, fermented in a special way. The dough for Patir is prepared with the addition of lamb fat or butter, so the bread becomes more lush and stays fresh longer.

The variety of Uzbek bread is amazing. In addition to the above mentioned types, there are unique recipes that are used less often and therefore seem “exotic” even for many residents of Uzbekistan. Each region of the county bakes bread according to its own cooking technology. Thereby, do not miss the chance to taste multiple bread types while traveling across Uzbekistan.

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