Shopping In Uzbekistan: Treasures Of The Eastern Bazaars

Local bazaars are the ideal place to feel the atmosphere of the East, walking around and looking at all the colors, people and vibrant life. You can find just about everything there, from all kinds of food to clothes and souvenirs. Affable sellers offer such items as organic fruits and vegetables, hand-made carpets and jewelry, national silk clothes, etc.

Ikat and Susane

The patterns of Uzbek fabric are diverse - they reflect the nature, optimism, and liveliness of the country. It is a national symbol of the Uzbek people. Taking the fabric home, you will also bring a piece of the bright sun, cool of rough rivers and weightlessness of mountain air.

Ikat is the art of making fabrics. This kind of weaving is exceptionally handmade: stripes of a material are weaved, twisted together and painted in different tones and halftones. The materials for Ikat are cotton, silk, and satin.

Suzane is Uzbek embroidery. Local masters with the help of threads of different colors and linen base create pictures on the fabric. The main elements in this embroidery are leaves, flowers, wavy lines, symbolic images of animals and birds. As a rule, each suzane has a certain plot, although it seems that this is just a beautiful elegant embroidery. Many elements, the alternation of different colors and threads - all this makes the work painstaking and extremely valuable.

Items made of wood and metal

Many wooden and metal decorative and practical products are sold in Uzbekistan, such as wooden boxes with carved ornaments, wall panels and small national tables, knives, and etc. You can watch the work of the masters and choose a souvenir to your liking.

Usually, carved wood products are made of karagach wood. This type of trees is unusually large, but its main feature dense structure, which allows cutting even very small details on it. Sometimes, masters use walnut wood. It gives a very beautiful texture and an original combination of colors and carved patterns. 

Also, people like pchaki knives - they are light, beautiful and durable. The distinguish features are a wide blade with sharp curved tip and thin and narrow handle, while the steel has a bluish or yellowish hue. Often, the blade is decorated with a pattern or is stamped. Engraving looks very elegant and will appeal to true connoisseurs.


Original accessories are made from various stones, gold, silver, and other metals. Each item is a handmade jewelry which means that you will not find a duplicate. Moreover, all regions in Uzbekistan deliver their own style. Getting such piece of art will be unique and authentic. 

National Clothes

Oriental coats, dresses, hats, and other clothes are made from natural materials, such as wool, cotton, and silk. Have you ever heard about the Eastern lifestyle, when locals relax on sofas in their own gardens under grapevines and enjoy green tea and watermelons? You can feel these vibes wearing Chapan, an Uzbek coat. 

Wine & Cognac 

Samarkand is famous for its wine and cognac production all over the world. Visiting the city, you are more than welcome to take an excursion to the winery and taste the sun, enclosed in glass heavy bottles. And after the degustation, you can get the wine that you like and take it to your home country. 


Carpets are the true pride of Uzbek masters. For decades they have been engaged in this laborious, but grateful work, creating from threads the masterpieces. The main materials are camel's or sheep's wool and cotton threads. The colors of the products are numerous and bright. Thanks to carpets, the rooms are very cozy and reflect the authentic and colorful character.


The variation of ceramic patterns is endless. For example, Rishtan ceramic is represented by tiny and delicate drawings of blue tones; Gijduvan ceramic is light and is of yellow colors; Bukharian ceramic copies the minarets of the city; the ceramic of Khoresm has thick patterns, while the ceramics of Samarkand differs with super petty patterns on green and brown background.   

This is not the full list of goods that are made and sold on Uzbekistan territory. Eastern bazaars have been always famous and popular due to their diversification and colorfulness. Come with us and check out with your own eyes. 

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