Kupkari Is The Game For Real Men

"Kupkari" is an ancient traditional Central Asian team competition. The name of the game is translated as "cause of many". This is a game in which only male riders are allowed to play. Usually, the number of participants varies between 50 and 300 men.

Skilled equestrians compete for the carcass of a goat or a young sheep: the winner must come the first to the finish line, not allowing other riders to repel the prey. Often Kupkari game involves brave riders from neighboring regions.

PS. All the horses are wild - that adds extra spice to the game ?

Equestrian competition is held in the offseason, when the peoples of Central Asia traditionally celebrate weddings, as well as the Spring Festival - Navruz. Many young and elderly people play Kupkari to get an expensive gift. Many years ago, the winner’s reward could be presented in the form of a carpet or cattle (bull, ram or cow). Today, home appliances or even cars are often the prize. Thus, the players try to win among many participants to return home with a wonderful prize for their family.

Equestrians prepare for the Kupkari competition in advance. They choose a strong horse of great endurance. Also, it should be short to make it easier picking up the carcass of an animal from the ground, as in the heat of battle, it often falls to the ground. For the Kupkari game, riders usually wear head protection to protect themselves against other players.

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