Expert Opinion on Amirsoy Mountain Resort

Ski tracks, cableways, hiking trails, and other infrastructure for family outdoor activities are being actively built on the area of 900 hectares on the top of the Chatkal ridge, the western part of the Tien Shan mountains.

Amirsoy will become a meeting spot for those who are looking for drive, adrenaline and delight. If you have always dreamed of skiing in the Alps, now you do not need to get a visa and fly thousands of kilometers, because Amirsoy with an artificial snowmaking system, modern ski lifts, and snow-sealing equipment will meet all the standards of the world's best ski resorts.

The general contractor of Amirsoy is PGI Management, which has already established itself in the construction and management of ski resorts in Argentina, Andorra, France, Oman, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Slovenia. The president of the company, as well as the owner of the Grandvalira ski resort, the largest in Europe, Joan Viladomat, came to Uzbekistan with a regular visit to get acquainted with the current work at the site. The seсond specialist was Claude Faure, the ex-president of the popular ski resort in France, Courchevel, and current manager of the combined ski area Trois Vallées.

During the business trip, Joan and Claude got acquainted with the current state of work performed at Amirsoy. The construction of the motorway and the bridge over the Beldersay River is ongoing. Park Hotel Le Chalet and a dome-shaped mobile bar-restaurant near the ski slopes are actively being built. A multifunctional complex with a food court and equipment rental is being created. A gondola lift is also being installed, it will take guests to the highest point of the resort.

After a trip to Amirsoy, Joan notes that everything is on schedule, although sometimes there are force majeure situations. For example, transportation of large equipment and building materials to the complex takes a lot of time. “In general, we meet the deadlines,” says Joan. The resort will open its doors this winter.

The Claude Faure admires the mountain peaks of Uzbekistan and is confident that one of the most important secrets of the Amirsoy’s project success lies in its magnificent natural environment, which, in his opinion, will be one of the best resorts with new ski opportunities. He was also impressed by the pace of project implementation and a team of specialists.   

Both experts agreed that in addition to the ski school, it is necessary to expand the area for children and beginners who want to learn how to ski and snowboard.

Joan Viladomat says: “The construction of the all-season mountain resort is a very complex and time consuming process, requiring tremendous effort and constant investment. Sometimes such projects are implemented in 60, 70 and even 80 years. And now we are, in fact, still at the very beginning. However, as you can see, the work is done very quickly and efficiently, and in the winter the first guests will come to visit.

It should be noted that the project is constantly supported by the state and public organizations. In such unanimity and cohesion for the sake of the goal I see one of the main factors for the success of Amirsoy.

We will listen to the opinions of our first visitors and add somу changes to the project. After all, we are not building a house according to a clearly defined plan, but an object that needs constant improvement. However, in general, one should not expect any major changes: the original concept will remain the same.

I am confident in its development and huge tourist potential. In addition, a lot is being done in the country to attract foreign visitors. I will note an important point - the abolition of the visa regime for citizens of many countries who can now easily come to Uzbekistan. I think that you have a fantastic country in terms of history and travel opportunities, and now the state is taking fantastic measures to make it even more open!”

Claude Fort says: “Trips to Uzbekistan are becoming increasingly fashionable around the world. Despite the fact that I came here for the first time, I used to hear a lot about the country, which is located on the territory of the ancient Great Silk Road, and which combined a rich historical heritage and the greatest culture. Back in the 15th century, when we argued about what kind of shape does the earth have - flat or round, you already had scientific schools and an observatory, great scientists conducted research in scientific academies.

Beautiful people live in Uzbekistan - friendly and hospitable. They provide a warm welcome and are ready to answer all questions from travelers.

While in Kazakhstan, I heard a lot about fruits and vegetables from sunny Uzbekistan, but I had no idea how wonderful they were!

So what can I say? Bravo, Uzbekistan! " 

Joan and Claude also visited Samarkand, Khiva and Bukhara. ULYSSE TOUR Travel Agency organized the tour for all the Amirsoy guests. We were pleased to show guests main sights of our country, to introduce them to the local culture and oriental cuisine.


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