Jade Lakes
Trip Length 1 day
Trip Style Helicopter Tour
Itinerary Urungach Lakes
Best Time to Travel Spring - Autumn
Maximum Number of Passengers 18
Price 323$

There are two Urungach lakes, located 160 km from Tashkent in the Ugam-Chatkal national park. These lakes are also called Jade Lakes due to the beautiful green color of the water. The lower lake is small and its water level fluctuates greatly throughout the year. The upper lake is larger and deeper; its water level is always stable. Water temperature ranges from +3 to +8 ° C.

Taking off into the clear sky from the local airport "Tashkent 3", you will immediately go to the world of untouched nature. The jade lakes, hidden among the green mountains in the Ugam-Chatkal National Park, instantly attract all attention with their crystal clear water.

After landing, you will have free time for easy hiking around the green mountains and a delicious beach picnic organized by ULYSSE TOUR. Moreover, you will be accompanied by a guide who will tell you about how the jade lakes appeared, and also tell you about the unique flora and fauna of the surrounding mountains. Daredevils can swim in the cold, bracing water and fully absorb the energy of this place, warming themselves on large mountain stones. At the end of your stay you will be taken back to Tashkent.

Enrich your piggy bank of memories with this unforgettable bright journey!


09:00 Meeting at the local airport №3 in Tashkent

09:15 Passage of safety control and instructions on departing and landing

10:00 Boarding and departure to the lakes

10:50 Arrival at the territory of the lakes

11:00 Hiking with a mountain guide

13:00 Picnic

14:00 Free time for swimming and sunbathing

15:40 Packing and gathering

16:00 Boarding and departure to Tashkent

16:50 Arrival at the airport

- Accident insurance;
- Air tickets;
- Permission from Uzbekistan Airways to stay in the natural area;
- Permission for photo and video shooting;
- Welcome drinks from Ulysse Tour aboard MI-8 helicopter;
- Meals;

What should I take with me?

  1. Comfortable and practical shoes
  2. Sunglasses, cream and cap
  3. Swimsuit and towel

Flight may be canceled

  • When recruiting a group of less than 18 people
  • In case of non-flying weather
  • With unforeseen government events related to airspace

During your stay in the natural area it is important to follow the rules of cleanliness and order!

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