Touch The Sky
Trip Length 1 day
Trip Style Helicopter Tour
Itinerary Pulatkhan Plateau
Best Time to Travel Spring - Autumn
Maximum Number of Passengers 18
Price 234$

There are such amazing moments: you look at the sky, yearning for the barely departed sun, and already after a moment, clusters of stars, like scattered diamonds, have already covered every corner of it.

ULYSSE TOUR offers a helicopter tour to the Pulatkhan Plateau. This is a historical place, conquering unique beauty and mystery. The area is famous not only for its breathtaking panoramic view, but also for its unusual structure. It is called "table mountain", due to the truncated flat top. This is just the perfect place to explore the neighborhood: the whole world around is in your palm, and you can reach the clouds!

The Pulatkhan Plateau is one of the most inaccessible and most attractive places for travelers. ULYSSE TOUR will help you tremendously shorten the journey by organizing a helicopter tour to the dizzying beauties of the Pulatkhan Plateau. You will discover the fantastic landscapes of the Chimgan Mountains, and the steep cliffs from the southeast side of the board will make you feel as if you are on the edge of the earth.

In spring, a stream flows in the middle of the plateau. Water seeps through the bowels of the mountain and flows out of its walls, forming waterfalls. Tazhke, Pulatkhan is replete with caves (the deepest is Zaidman's cave, 506 m² deep) and karst craters.

The plateau is considered a natural fortress. There are legends that, thanks to the only entrance to the mountain, the brave shepherd Pulat, knowing the secret of the payment, saved the whole village from the enemy troops.

You will have a unique opportunity to uncover the secrets of the board along with the accompanying ULYSSE TOUR mountain guide. It is worth mentioning the picnic, which is organized for you by our company overlooking the amazing mountain panorama.

Do not miss the chance to explore the world hidden from human eyes and discover new facets of consciousness!


09:00 Meeting at the local airport of Tashkent №3
09:15 Passage of security control and instruction on boarding and disembarking from a helicopter
10:00 Landing and departure to the plateau
10:50 Arrival on the territory of plateau

11:00 Hiking led by a mountain guide
13:00 Picnic time
14:00 Free time
15:40 Gathering
16:00 Embarkation and departure to Tashkent
16:50 Arrival at the airport and official completion of the tour

- Accident insurance;
- Air tickets;
- Permission from Uzbekistan Airways to stay in the natural area;
- Permission for photo and video shooting;
- Welcome drinks from Ulysse Tour aboard MI-8 helicopter;
- Meals;

What should I take with me?

  1. Comfortable and practical shoes
  2. Sunglasses, cream and cap
  3. Swimsuit and towel

Flight may be canceled

  • When recruiting a group of less than 18 people
  • In case of non-flying weather
  • With unforeseen government events related to airspace

During your stay in the natural area it is important to follow the rules of cleanliness and order!

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