Silk Road through Pamir Highway
Trip Length 14 days
Trip Style Active Tour
Itinerary Tashkent, Urgench, Bukhara, Samarkand, Andijan, Osh, Ozgoryush, Pamir-Alai Mountains
Best Time to Travel Spring - Autumn
Maximum Number of Passengers up to 12 people in one group
Price Upon request$

Do you like to reach new heights? We invite you to visit our country, a country on the edge of the rocky mountains. We will go on a search for a heavenly place located in the south-west of Kyrgyzstan, in the mountainous region of Pamir-Alay, very similar to the rocky mountains of southern Patagonia. The height of the stone walls of these mountains reaches more than 2000 meters. Many rivers bring the purest water from these rocky mountains. There are such rivers as Laylak, Karavshin, Ak-Suu, Kara-Suu, Orta Chashma, Ontum and many others. This area is located in a picturesque mountain zone. This means clean air and beautiful landscapes. The unique peaks in the area of ​​Ak Su, Karavshin are more complex and therefore more attractive for climbing in these mountains. Everyone can choose their own route according to their interests. And lovers of technically challenging ascents have many interesting routes, from relatively simple to very difficult. If you want to test your strength, agility, flexibility and endurance, make sure you find it. There are picturesque peaks, such as Ak-Su (5355m), Block (5299m), Iskander (5120m), Pyramid (5509m), Asan-Usan and 1000 years of Russia.

This trip will take place in a very large ridges and still mysterious place in Central Asia. It extends over more than a hundred miles, its area is 63,700 km2, from the Takla Makan desert to the Kyzyl-Kum desert and between the Tien Shan mountains and the Hindu Kush. Many of their peaks exceed more than 7,000 meters. It is also called the “Pamir Range,” which in Persian means “Mithra's foot.” Mithra means god of the sun for Zoroastrians. You will walk several kilometers along a cliff, along alpine valleys, ice caves, rivers with crystal clear water. The good weather climate and magnificent views of the region attract travelers and climbers from around the world. This area is also called "Asian Patagonia". Your journey through this area will guide you through the magnificent landscapes, the mysterious peaks and the dense forest. You will taste flavored tea in the yurt of Kyrgyz shepherds. And, of course, you will see the famous monuments of such ancient cities of the Silk Road as Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, and Osh.


Arrival in Tashkent. Ulysse Tour will meet you at the airport. Transfer to the hotel and Check-in. Night stay in Tashkent.

Breakfast at the hotel and Check-out.

Excursion around the old part of the city:

Complex Hasti Imam: madrasah Barak-khan, mausoleum Kaffal Shoshiy, mosque Tilla-Sheikh
Chorsu Bazaar
Kukaldosh Madrasah

Lunch break. Excursion around the new part of the city:

The Tashkent Metro
Independence Square
Amir Temur Square
Theater Square named after Alisher Navoi

Transfer to the airport. Departure to Urgench at 19:30 (Arrival at 21:10). Ride to Khiva by a vehicle (Distance – 30 km). Check-in and night stay at the hotel.

Breakfast at the hotel. City tour: Ichan Kala Complex, consisting of 60 sites.

Time for lunch. Free time to wander around. Time for dinner. Night stay at the hotel.

Breakfast at the hotel & Check-out. Ride to Bukhara by a vehicle (Travel time: ~6-7 hours). We will travel through the legendary red desert Kyzyl-Kum, the territory of “Khorezm”, which was called in the past as a “State of Thousand and Hundred Cities”. You will see exotic landscapes of the desert with roaming camels, nomadic yurts, and Amudarya (Oxus) River.

Lunch-box meal will be served on the road. Transfer to a hotel & Check-in. Free time to take beautiful pictures of Bukhara on the sunset. Time for dinner. Night stay at the hotel.

Breakfast at the hotel. City tour:

Chashma Ayub Well
Ismail Samani Mausoleum
Bolo Khaus Mosque

Lunch break. City tour:

Ark Citadel
Poi Kalon Complex
Trading domes
Lyabi Khaus Complex

Night stay at the hotel.

Breakfast at the hotel & Check-out. Transfer to the railway station. Departure to Samarkand by a bullet train at 8 am (Arrival time – 10:08).

City tour:

Registan Square
Bibi Khanum Mosque
Eastern Market Siab

Transfer to the hotel and Check-in. Lunch break. City tour:

Gur Emir Mausoleum

Free time to wander around. Night stay at the hotel.

Breakfast at the hotel & Check-out. City tour:

Shakhi Zinda Complex
Ulugbek Observatory

Time for lunch. Transfer to the railway station. Departure to Tashkent by a bullet train at 16:00 (Arrival time – 16:55). Transfer to the hotel & Check-in. Night stay in Tashkent.

Breakfast at the hotel & Check-out. Transfer to the railway station. Departure to Andijan at 8:05 (Arrival time – 13:35). Transfer to the border "Dustlik" (Distance – 65 km). Passing through the border control. Ulysse Tour representatives will meet you in the territory of Kyrgyzstan. Ride to Osh by a vehicle (Distance – 7 km). Hotel Check-in. Time for dinner. City tour. Time for dinner. Night stay at the hotel.

1hrs of drive, 5-6 hours of walking, 15 km, +650 m/-500 m


Drive by Pamir Highway about more one hour to Chygyrchyk Pass from where we will start a trekking program.

Accent to the way to Kumbel Pass, first through jayloo – summer highland pasture and then by good path by the mountain ridge. On the way we will meet with local shepherds who are busy with making bread and milking mares where we will see their life style.

On the top through ridge we will enjoy the beauty of the kingdom of high mountains of Alay-Pamir. In the top of Kumbel Pass opens a beautiful panorama to the snow covered summits. Have lunch at the top of the pass. Enjoy the stunning beauty of great Alay valley. Descent down the pass among dense junipers forests and arrive to Sary Oy summer meadow where local shepherds meet us with “Kymys” – a fermented dairy product traditionally made from mare's milk and which is slightly alcoholic milk like bier. You will test also a local bread and local milk productions.

Accommodation in shepherd's Yurts. Rest for refreshing up in the river.


We will ascend to Ayrybel Pass (3000 m) by ancient Caravan trails on the Silk Road and through breathtaking view. We will explore the flora and fauna of the during our way to the pass through Alpine meadows. Cross the small streams and walk through the charming bushes. From the pass an amazing panorama opens to the summits in the surrounding, to the green river valley. Lunch at the top. Descent down to Tepchi summer meadow.

Dinner. Overnight in the tents.


Descend to the Karabulak village by good path (3 hrs) through the yurts of nomads and experiencing the Kyrgyz life in these gorgeous mountains around Karabulak village.

Meet with driver and road to Tulparkol Lake (170 km, 3 hrs) through beautiful panorama of Pamir Highway road by crossing the Taldyk Pass (3600 m).

Lunch will be on the way. Arrival to the yurt camp at Tulparkol lake (3500 m) which is on the foot of Lenin Peak.

You will be accommodated in a yurt. Walking to explore the flora and fauna on the surrounding of Yurt camp where many small lakes and beautiful view to the top of snow covered summits.

A beautiful view to the pic Lenin will charming you. Dinner in a yurt. Overnight.

Early breakfast.
Drive back to Osh city (4 hours) and then to the border, to Feregana city (Uzbekistan). Lunch will be on the way. Cross the boundaries. Meet with Uzbek driver and transfer to Fergana city (105 km, 2hrs). Arrival to Fergana and accommodation at hotel.
Visit Margilan Silk Road factory and Margilan bazaar where are abundance of different fruits and vegetables. Dinner. Overnight in Fergana.

Breakfast. Drive to Richtan city where you will enjoy a local pottery workshop which is very well knowing in Central Asia and in abroad. Continue the drive to Kokand city.
Arrival to Kokand city where you will discover:
- The Palace of Khudayar Khan – ruler of Fergana valley on XIX – XX c.
- Djuma mosque XIX c.
Lunch in the city. Transfer to the railway station. Train to Tashkent at 16h40. Arrival to Tashkent at 20h45.
Transfer to have a Farewell dinner. Overnight in Tashkent.

Breakfast at the hotel and Check-out.

Transfer to the airport. Departure from Tashkent.

- Meeting and seeing off at airports;
- TWIN/DBL room accomodation;
- Entrance fees to all listed above sights;
- Rent of all necessary equipment for hikes;
- Meals;


the route does not require any special physical preparation. However, participants should not have medical restrictions to active sports. Also, mountain experience is welcomed.

Upon request

Also, the duration of the tour, the number of excursions, tourist facilities, vehicles, as well as the services of a guide speaking a different language, can be changed in accordance with the wishes of a customer. At the same time, the cost of the tour will vary depending on the level of personalization.

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